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July 2016

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June 2016

June 2016 CDAC Meeting

May 2016

April 21, 2016

CDAC Team Meeting

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March 2016

CDAC March 2016 Agenda and notes

February 2016

February CDAC Agenda (with minutes in italics)
February 5, 2016
12:00 pm

Introductions (in case we have some new participants)
Members present
Cathleen Small
April Fox
Heather Scott
Shelley Herron
Cindy Liu
Kelly Kulzer-Reyes

The Arc Policy Conference – Sacramento March 2016
Cathleen is hoping to attend. Heather might make it. Kelly will be there, and she hopes to meet with any NorCal friends who can make time during that conference time.

III. Update on Ds Info (Small)
Working with Bonilla (D) committee – health; interested in sponsoring. Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. Hospital association – working on it. California Dept of Public Health (working on updating materials) – awesome work, Cathleen!!

IV. Employment discussion
a) California is an Employment First state already.
Do we need legislation or creative ways to ensure implementation?
Invite Olivia Raynor to discuss employment. (Cindy will contact.)
Bev Foster – Next Step program (April suggested – Kelly can invite)
solutions – non-minimum wage
help small business/funding source
refocus current funding
Rising Tide (increase employment – Autistic community)
Heather Scott mentioned two important things to learn more about:
1. Down Syndrome Works Program – initiative to make people with Ds more employable; specific training opportunities;
2.A Touch of Understanding – schools – workshop (3 hr) – business training –
What laws are already in place?

V. Dreams (all)
There are many Ds organizations in the state. How do we give all a voice and an opportunity to be part of the discussion?
How do we include more self-advocates in this conversation? Cathleen agreed to reach out to DSCBA staff to ask about interest in collaborating.
I would love to have a face to face meeting – even if it’s NorCal, Central Cal and SoCal in three places at once. Cindy made a great suggestion. Kelly will let her plan that.
Legislative policy – moving forward to community work situations Cindy is drafting (see below).

VI. Non-legislative needs?
a) serve on various statewide work groups and task forces (on post-secondary, UDL, law     enforcement training)
b) testify at school board and city council hearings on priorities
c) Participate in workshops and webinars on key issues
d) reach out to local affiliates to keep them informed of policy issues (draft articles for         newsletters, post on listservs, etc)
e) attend the Buddy Walk on Washington

Kelly is going to get a little survey feedback about who is already doing what in their areas.

VII. Next steps
Cindy Liu will draft a policy shifting funding sub minimum wage.
Shelley Herron suggested reaching our to Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA). We will let her know some of us will be in town in April.
We will reach out to Rep. Susan Davis (D-CA). A former Social Worker, we hope she continues to be an incredible ally on the Hill.

January 2016

December 2015 (no meeting)

November 2015

October 2015


September 2015


September 24, 2015

4:00 pm


  1. Welcome
  2. Discussion and approval of Vision Statement
  3. Update on Ds Information Bill (Cathleen Small)
  4. Post-secondary Options: What does this mean to you? Brainstorming session (Kelly and everyone)
    1. Research and data analysis projects (CUNY Disability Studies Grad Certificate)
  5. Interest/willingness to request funds for Zoom and CDAC logo?
    1. update
  6. Requests for future agenda items/Questions/Other (all)
  7. Adjourn.


ABLE Phone calls Governor Brown

Info Bill – dinner

Medical professionals in Bay Area


Inclusive Education



August 2015

California Down Syndrome Advocacy Coalition

August 27, 2015

12:00 pm

Recap on August 29, 2015

8:00 am




Shelley Herron, Kelly Kulzer-Reyes, Jawanda Mast, Brad Pitzele, Cathleen Small, Carolyn Tellalian

Review notes from last meeting

Kelly reviewed last meeting briefly.  Jawanda introduced herself.  She is the new NDSS Grassroots Manager.

Review of Vision Statement

Overview of edits of the MDSC vision statement.

Carolyn described the Self-determination portion.  Kelly added to it.  Both Carolyn and Kelly serve on regional center (CVRC and KRC) SDACs (Self-determination Advisory Committees).

Carolyn requested outreach materials from Cathleen.  Cathleen will send to Kelly; Kelly will distribute.

Brad discussed rationale for the data transparency piece.

Shelley would like an updated copy of the vision statement to share with her board.

Review of CDAC Priorities

Kelly asked for input on the survey.  Conversation inadvertently cut short.  (Sorry, everyone!)

Ds Information Bill (Cathleen Small)

Cathleen has drafted a California Ds Info Bill.  Discussed the importance of this remaining an information bill, not a debate over reproductive rights.  Shelley would like to present this to her San Diego board, as well.


Next meeting: Doodle to be sent: September 24, 2015, 12:00 pm or September 25, 2015, 3:00 pm

Thank you for all you do!


July 2015

Notes from July 2015

Introductions: Beth Foraker (teacher in UC Davis), Joyce Clark (nurse), Kelly-Kulzer-Reyes, Shelley (Board of DS, VP of Family Outreach), Cathleen (DS of Bay Area) Medical Outreach Coordinator, April Fox (Bakersfield),

Advocacy name: CDAN (Ca Ds Advocacy Network) / DANC (Ds Advocacy Network of CA)

Agreed upon CDAC – California Down syndrome Advocacy Coalition


1). Inclusion: Beth – incorporated individuals with DS into gen ed (inclusion) within Catholic private school.  Presented National Catholic Board on Full Inclusion. Have website, FB, Instagram, & Twitter pages.

2).  Ambassador Program: NDSS having voice for DS in CA “quick” ABLE Act.

3).  Post secondary bill.

4). 8-9 solid state programs, similar to MDAC (State of Mass).

5). Meet on a monthly basis for conference call & Google groups.

6). Branding a name for GAC – gov’t affairs committee.

7). Mission and vision statements.

GAC California July 2015