CDAC’s California ESSA Work Continues

The first attached file (CDAC_ESSA) is our organization’s letter to Governor Brown and Lt. Gov. Newsom addressing concerns about how California’s Every Student Succeeds Act state plan.




PACE_PolicyMemo_Subgroup size

Ohio Nsize-Topic-Discussion-Guide


CDAC grateful to the 51 Senators who stood with our community

At CDAC, we have been busy contacting our Senators, making videos to share our families’ stories (thank you, Cindy Lui), training advocates around California (thank you, Elaine Linn and Donnell Kenworthy) and sharing our families’ stories about the importance of Medicaid via Twitter (thank you, Beth Foraker). These are just the tip of the advocacy iceberg. Thank you to everyone who made a call, sent an email, shared a story, sent a tweet, and asked out-of-state family and friends to do the same.

While we are pleased with late night’s Senate vote, we recognize this is the beginning, not the end. President Trump’s proposed budget includes huge cuts to Medicaid and Medicare. The threat to our community is real, and we will continue to collaborate with fellow advocates to ensure the #NoCutsNoCaps and #SaveMedicaid movements stay strong.

We are especially grateful to the 46 Democrats, 2 Independents and 3 Republicans who joined together to defeat the “Skinny Repeal” last night.

Thank you so very much.